Ministering to the family

Ministering to your family is important at OBC! We seek to partner with families to grow every child into a passionate follower of Christ. We believe that parents are the primary influence on their child’s spiritual growth and seek to support, empower and encourage families as the spiritual model for their children. 


Child and Youth Ministry

At OBC children and youth are engaged with God's word in creative and relative ways - through worship, prayer, lesson and individual God time. Our loving volunteers build relationships with our children which in turn shows God’s deep love for them! Our greatest dream for children’s ministry at OBC would be to truly see children growing their own relationships with the Lord.  


Adult Ministries

Leading a family can be difficult, even more so when you feel spiritually drained. You will be able to lead best when guided by God's word and continually encouraged by a loving community. OBC offers multi-generational adult ministries so that you can learn and be inspired by God's Word while forming deep and meaningful friendships.