Council of Elders

Our Elders are responsible for shepherding and leading the church. The Council of Elders consists of a godly group of men who shepherd the members of OBC by discipleship, counsel and prayer. The Council of Elders also provides vision and leadership for the future of our church. 

The Council of Elders would love to hear from you if you have any spiritual or discipleship need.

OBC Elders 2018 (1 of 5) - Square.jpg

Paul Gage, Chair

OBC Elders 2018 (5 of 5) Square.jpg

Steve Dager, Co-Chair

OBC Elders 2018 (2 of 5).jpg

Jay Everson

Doug Keil

Deacon fellowship

Our Deacon Fellowship is responsible for coordinating and administering care for those in need. If you are in need of financial assistance, the Deacon Fellowship is there for you. 

Our Deacons are: Mara Evans (Chair), Stu (Co-Chair) & Johnna Hickman, Tami Barney, Alice Campbell, Paul Chesbro, Olga Smith, Hap & Karen Hapenny, Dave & Jan Wyant.