Sunday School

At OBC, we want children to see the whole Bible and how God's Big Story connects to their own story. Through TRU curriculum, we focus on God Statements which show kids that no matter the story, God is always central! Kids experience lessons through hands-on, age appropriate activities designed to get kids into the Bible. Lessons also encourage a time to respond to God through the power of the Holy Spirit in a variety of ways. We also encourage families to spend time together at home in God's Word and introduce the next week's lesson through At Home Weekly.  

Kidventure is passionate about bringing the message of Jesus in a fun, exciting and understandable way for each age group. We also take safety, security and sanitation seriously. Please do not be too shy to ask any question about the various measures we take for child protection. Kidventure uses a detailed and secure electronic check-in system and we are frequently evaluating our practices and working to stay aware and proactive regarding the things that may impact children in our care. From our vetting process and background checks to our standards for ongoing training for anyone who works with children to our maintenance of an allergy-aware environment, we want your children to be well cared for in all regards.

Our primary vision is to partner with families for the healthy faith formation of each child, and we want to be a support to parents, especially as you lead your children in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We want our children to know the God who made them, who loves them and desires a relationship with them, and to understand that He has a unique role for each of them in His big story. We want to come along side you in raising them up in a way that positively shapes their character and spirit to become who their Creator made them to be.

Kidventure Schedule  

Children's Kidventure (September to June)
8:30 & 10:30 Service: Birth - Grade 5