Engaging our Culture; Loving our Neighbors

Led by Lars and Laurie Jenson; Rob and Heather Swanson

Mondays at 6:30 – 8:00 at the Jensen home, Wakeby Road, Marstons Mills.


* Discussion, fellowship and prayer toward sharpening our understanding of current social issues, winsomely engaging our culture, and blessing our neighbors.

* Scripture discussions related to "Social Christianity."

* Culture related discussion questions.

* Additional handouts and articles on current events.


Recommended:  Practical Guide to Culture, by John Stonestreet


The study portion of our group will major on general principles of Christian ethics and entry-level understanding of current events. 

Our dual focus is the kingdom of God and the world of our neighbors.

We expect to exchange perspectives and convictions. 

All have much to learn about Scripture, ourselves and our world.