Osterville baptist church Staff


Senior Pastor   Rob Wheeler

I am committed to Christ’s gospel (which I see as the central point of the Scriptures), Christ’s church and training men and women to be passionate followers of Christ, trusting Him with every area of their life. In short, I am committed to Jesus!

I am married to my lovely wife Katie, since 2006, and we have three children—Lexi, Zac and Isaac. Our ambition as a family is to use our spiritual gifts, passions, and natural abilities to participate in advancing Christ’s kingdom on this Earth. We are glad to do this work at Osterville Baptist Church.

If you are looking for a church home, look no further! Osterville Baptist truly is a place where people—babies to seniors—can find the Word preached, nurturing discipleship, a commitment to prayer, and, one of our big words, family. We are a bunch of changed lives who are being used by God to change lives in turn, all by the power of Jesus!


Pastor of Worship James 'Kimo' Baker 

I am so passionate about leading worship because it gives me an opportunity to share my love for our Savior Jesus Christ and help usher His children to His feet through: scripture, prayer, music, speech and giving. I believe that Worship is an expression of adoration of and to God. Our main priority in worship is to magnify the Lord through clear and specific expressions while exploring God’s greatness.

I was married in 2001 to my beautiful wife, and together we have two amazing children. I am a graduate of Trinity College of the Bible with a B.A. in Pastoral Study and a graduate of Trinity Seminary of the Bible with an M.A. in Pastoral Study. 

I look forward each Sunday to Worshiping the King of Kings with my Church Family and anticipate an outstanding time of Spiritual Growth in the coming years.


Pastor of Student Ministries Josh Odell

Since my salvation came when I was in high school, God has put a desire in me to see young men and women come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. The years during middle school and high school are some of the most important years in a person’s life. It is during that time in which they begin to form their world view, and it is my prayer that God uses me as an instrument in directing that world view towards Christ, here at Osterville Baptist Church. 

I received my B.S. in Pastoral Leadership with a minor in Youth Ministry from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA in May of 2013. I have been married to my wife, Helen Odell, since July of 2010, and would not be where I am today if God had not placed her in my life.


Director of Children's Ministry Jessica 'Jecca' Mahler

I'm a passionate follower of Christ with a deep hope in His faithfulness to me and to His Church. Looking back on the legacy of gospel instruction and modeling of Christian faith surrounding me growing up, I am endlessly thankful for this gift and how it has shaped my identity and directed my life. It is my joy to use all God has gifted me with to inspire and equip others in family ministry.

Scripture commands we instruct children in the way they should go, and as OBC's motto says about "Changed lives, changing lives," I believe we are all called to be teachers - investing in the formation of faith from generation to generation as we are moved by our own transformation. 

As the mother of two precious girls, daily feeling the weight of this endeavor, I am thankful for a church that is committed to empowering families. Praise God that He always provides for that which He asks of us!  


Church Administrator  Helen Odell

Helping others is one of the gifts God has laid on my heart. He has given me many strengths in planning, organizing, and helping to equip others to further His kingdom. I have been the Church Administrator at OBC since May 2017 and have enjoyed using my God-given gifts to support the pastors, staff, and other church leaders.

I met my husband, Josh Odell, at youth group when I was in high school. We went off to Liberty University and I graduated in 2010 with a B.S. in Family and Child Development. Josh and I were married in July 2010 and I went on to obtain my M.A. in Human Services: Marriage and Family Counseling. I look forward to connecting with you and helping administrate the OBC office.


Church Receptionist Erica Corbiere

God has not only encouraged and guided me in discovering my spiritual gifting of administration and helps, but has provided a perfect outlet to use those gifts here at OBC. Though I'm new to the receptionist position, I am familiar with the church. I've been attending OBC since I was born, was dedicated here as an infant and baptized in front of my OBC family at the age of 12.

After the last five years, away at college studying Spanish and Linguistics followed by a year of teaching English in Laos, Southeast Asia, I am excited to return to the church and serve alongside this fantastic staff. I'm here for all your phone calls, emails and office visits with any questions or assistance you may need.  

Harry Fletcher

Missionary at Large  Harry Fletcher

It has been a great privilege to serve the Lord for 51 years along with my wife Muriel.  Throughout those years, we have been involved with Good News Jail & Prison Ministry, including serving 25 years in the pastorate and 7 years in academia.  The Lord has given us two daughters, both married with three sons each.

We fell in love with the people at OBC when I served as Interim Preaching Pastor in 2015.  We love the faithful exposition of the Holy Scriptures by Pastor Rob each Sunday and have a heart for evangelism, discipleship, and pastoral care.  OBC affords opportunities for people from all backgrounds and ages to grow to Christian maturity.  Here, you will be fed the Bread of God’s Holy Word that will lead you to the Bread of Life, our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Worship Assistant
Josiah Estabrooks

My family moved to Cape Cod from Canada in 1999, and I have been part of the OBC worship team since 2009. Music is my passion and worshiping corporately has opened my eyes to a desire to lead and participate in our worship every week. I'm excited to learn from my position as Worship Intern, and learn from the people around me to grow and develop as both a worship team member and as a Christian. I hope to be a resource to the members of our church, and answer any questions that you have for me.


Treasurer Amanda Kleoppel

My joy and passion in life is helping from behind the scenes. I enjoy supporting and encouraging my team to succeed in their endeavors especially when it is furthering the kingdom!  During this season of life I am thankful to be currently working at home raising our three children. My degree in teaching mathematics has helped me in various capacities, and right now it is helping me as I help guide the church through its daily tasks of paying bills and keeping the staff stay on budget so that we may remain faithful to what the Lord has blessed us with.