Nursery Volunteers

Nursery volunteers are responsible for keeping our Infant and Toddler nurseries running smoothly each Sunday morning. Children ages 0-5 enjoy many fun activities in a warm, loving, and safe environment. If you are interested in helping out with this exciting and rewarding ministry, please contact Sara Davis (Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry) and see the information at the bottom of the page. If you are currently a nursery volunteer, this page will provide a resource for everything you need to know about your responsibilities as a partner in this ministry.

How do I know when I’m scheduled to serve as a volunteer?

As a volunteer, every few months you will receive a hard copy of the nursery schedule in the mail. In addition to this, weekly emails will be sent to remind you the week before you are scheduled to serve. Finally, the nursery schedule will be posted here on our webpage as well.

What if I can’t serve the week I’m scheduled?

We know everyone has a busy schedule and there may be weeks when you are unable to serve on your scheduled week due to illness or conflicts. Whenever possible, please look over your schedule when you first get your new nursery schedule and check for possible conflicts so that you can begin finding a substitute for your week in plenty of time.

The procedure for finding a sub is as follows:

1) Let Sara Davis know you are unable to serve but are looking for a substitute.

2) Check the schedule for others who are scheduled on another week, preferably in the same room as you (infant, toddler, or preschool) that you would be available for, and contact them to see if they would be available to switch weeks with you.

3) Contact the volunteers listed on the sub list (link posted here) to see if any of them are available to serve in your place for the week you are unavailable.

4) If, after completing these steps, you are still unable to find a sub, let Sara Davis know that you have looked for a sub, and are unable to find one.

What will I be doing on a typical Sunday morning as a nursery volunteer?

First of all, we want all volunteers to know how valuable they are to this ministry-without you, we wouldn’t be able to care for and shower God’s love on each child in our church body on Sunday mornings. We want every volunteer to feel that their role is important and meaningful and that we are not “just babysitting”.


When children and their families enter the classrooms each Sunday, we want them to feel first and foremost that their child will be safe and well cared-for in our hands. This means following all church safety and security procedures (link posted here) that all nursery volunteers, and families with children participating in this ministry are welcome and encouraged to review whenever needed. This also means welcoming families with a smile and being intentional and sensitive about how we approach their children.


Nursery Schedule


The Nursery Volunteers schedule is posted on the calendar on the right and can be seen here


In the event that you are unable to serve in Nursery, please check this list for a substitute and let me know of the switch


Weekly Lesson for Toddlers @10:45AM


download this weeks lesson




CORI forms


All volunteers working with children and youth in MA are required to submit a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) background check. This helps ensure that our programs are the safest they can be for our children and teens. Please print out the CORI form and return it to the Director of Children's Ministry. Thank you.





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